Associate in Science -
Paralegal Program  (60 credits)

paralegal student readingThe Associate in Science degree is an excellent academic program designed for students who seek to become paralegals or work in law-related fields. Students benefit from rigorous paralegal coursework as well as a wonderful liberal arts education. Our degree prepares graduates to meet all Paralegal Program goals and competencies. Also, graduates may find a clear path to a four-year degree, and then on to law school.

Students must take 30 credits of paralegal curriculum courses, and 30 credits of liberal arts courses for a total of 60 credits for the Associate in Science degree. The Paralegal Program courses are offered so students can complete the degree in as little as 21 months or longer at the students' option. The Program Director or College Counselors are available to assist students to plan their courses.

Students must take at least ten (10) semester credits of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction under American Bar Association Guidelines.

Coursework listed below is subject to change. Please consult the official college catalog for current information.

Paralegal Curriculum (30 credits)

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Liberal Arts Curriculum (30 credits)

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Students who plan to transfer to a four-year bachelor's program must meet the specific requirements of that college or university. Please see an Inver Hills college counselor early to help plan a smooth transfer.

Degree Completion Plan

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Academic Requirements:

Students must earn a minimum of 60 semester credits and maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to graduate from Inver Hills Community College.

Obtain Computer Skills Independently

It is strongly recommended that paralegal students obtain computer skills independently as these classes are not part of the program. The ability to use the keyboard and word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software are basic skills needed in the paralegal profession. Feel free to plan early with a counselor or program director.

For more information, contact the Paralegal Program.

Last Updated: Spring, 2015