GPA and Completion Rate Calculator

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This is for informational purposes only. Please see a counselor for strategic academic planning.

This calculator allows you to forecast your cumulative and term GPA, as well as your cumulative and course completion rates. Your results might change based on projected academic performance during the current or upcoming semester.

Please Note:

This table identifies your current cumulative GPA and course completion rate.

  • Go to the section at the end of your transcript labeled: "Career Undergrad Summary - Semester Hours".
  • Find information on the line labeled: "Local". This line displays information related to your academic performance at Inver Hills.
  • Enter your current information found on this line. Refer to the image below.

Local Cumulative Attempted Credits:

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Local Cumulative GPA:

In order to get an accurate course completion rate, please enter the number of Inver Hills credits you are currently taking now OR are registered for (completion rate below will automatically be re-calculated):

Calculated Local Cumulative Completion Rate:

This table allows you to forecast the impact of your current or upcoming semester on your academic performance. For accurate calculations, use ONLY Inver Hills Community College credits with this semester forecaster.

(Total number of credits here must match the number of credits entered as registered / current credits above.)

No. of Credits
Previous Grade

What will be my GPA after this semester?

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Target GPA / Completion Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how to achieve your GPA or completion rate goal.

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  • You must complete part 1 above before proceeding with this part of the form.

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