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Witch-hunt: mysteries of the Salem witch trialsAronson, Marc260Aronson pulls together lots of different interpretations of the Salem trials skillfully. Fascinating subject matter written about in an interesting way.9781416903154
Case HistoriesAtkinson, Kate310Various stories of loss with unbelievably real characters somehow get weaved together and various “mysteries” get solved. Even the unpleasant characters stay in your mind, whether you want them to or not.9780316010702
Postville; a clash of cultures in heartland AmericaBloom, Stephen G.384Bloom documents the differences between the native Iowans and their new neighbors, Hasidic Jews from NYC.9780156013369
The little lady agencyBrowne, Hester376Melissa Romney-Jones made redundant repeatedly, starts her own agency, helping clueless bachelors shop, entertain, etc. Fun, fluffy read.9781416514923
Answering 911; Life in the hot seatBurau, Caroline206Burau is a 911 dispatcher for Ramsey County, MN and then White Bear Lake, MN. Her stories of what it’s like on the other end of the line is fascinating.9780873515696
Ender’s gameCard, Orson Scott336 9780765342294
A private hotel for gentle ladiesCooney, Ellen304Charlotte Heath, seeing her husband with another woman, leaves him and finds another life in a hotel in Boston in 1900s.9781400079438
The black chord: visions of the groove: connections between Afro-beats rhythm & blues, hip hop and moreCorio, David  9780641553110
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