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English, EAP, Journalism, and Reading courses at Inver Hills College are rigorously taught by highly trained and experienced faculty, each with one or more graduate degrees, many of whom have published books, essays, or creative writing and/or presented at conferences nationally and regionally.  Faculty in these courses are--by both inclination and training--very focused on helping students learn as best they can, and offering students enjoyable and lasting memories of their learning and discoveries.  Faculty also work diligently to prepare students for their next steps in life--whether in their majors and disciplines at Inver, at transfer colleges and universities, or in their future professions. 


Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Department as of 2011
(Feb. 2011 English Dept. Program Review)


Our mission is to transform lives and reshape the world by inspiring students to read and think critically—and to write academically and creatively about a broad range of topics—such that students may become leaders, strengthen their communities, and build their careers. 
Our vision is the pursuit of knowledge as the foundation of successful personal lives, engaged citizens, and strong economies.  We intend to model best practices in teaching to create a rich intellectual environment for students, stay current with developments in our fields, and continue aligning ourselves with receiving institutions.  We hope to create a rich intellectual environment for emerging leaders, scholars, and professionals, and to engage our students in the boundless capacity of the human spirit through expanding their lives and fostering their imaginations. 
Our goals are to

  1. offer writing and literature courses that are current with contemporary research and standards throughout the United States, attending to latest trends in technology as relate to writing and reading

  2. provide courses that transfer well to most other accredited colleges and universities in Minnesota, surrounding states, and throughout North America

  3. teach research, argumentation, and analysis using writing in such ways that students are well prepared for these activities in  other courses at Inver Hills Community College and other accredited colleges and universities

  4. offer students the critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills needed for general transfer and for preparation for an English major.           

How Do We Compare to Departments at Other Colleges and Universities?

In pursuit of our English and Reading mission and vision, we hope to provide each student at Inver Hills College with up-to-date, rigorous, and practical pre-college and college reading and writing courses comparable to those at the best colleges and universities in Minnesota and the nation, and to provide additional high-quality experiences in reading, literature, journalism, and the humanities that prepare people to become active, thoughtful, culturally sensitive persons, citizens, and professionals.  All of our college-level courses are transferable in some form to most colleges and universities.    

As in other departments at Inver Hills College, our college-level English and Reading courses are equal in variety and quality to first- and second-year courses at typical private colleges throughout Minnesota and the nation.  Our courses often are better than similar first- and second-year courses at universities because we often significantly smaller class sizes.  In addition, while a large number of first- and second-year college classes at universities nationally are taught by teaching assistants still earning their own graduate degrees, our Inver Hills teachers already have their graduate degrees (and many have PhDs).  Our instructors are caring teachers with years of experience who are committed to working with students.  In particular, among the instructors in our English and Reading Departments, past and present, are published authors, leaders of regional and state scholarly initiatives, national conference presenters, and award winners in writing and teaching.  We hope you enjoy our courses and services! 


Welcome to the English and Reading Departments!  

We hope this Web site will help you find our courses, teachers, tutoring, and online resources.  We also have an "FAQs" section for your frequently asked questions.


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