How to do your best in college: Student Success

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Taking tests
Studying effectively and efficiently
Reading college material
Writing for college 
Avoiding procrastination
Managing time
Math skills and anxiety
Giving speeches
Taking notes
Online learning
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To help you succeed:

Orientation and College Jargon
INTS 1000, On Course
INTS 1101, College Success Strategies

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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Students - Inver Hills Community College, Psychology Department


Online Academic Learning Resources

GPA Calculator (Note: This is meant to be a tool only.  See an IHCC counselor for any GPA questions.)

Taking Tests

How to Study Effectively and Efficiently

Reading College Material

Writing for College

Managing Time

Math Skills and Anxiety

Giving Speeches

Taking Notes

Online Learning


To help you succeed:

The counseling staff is available to assist you with your transition to college. Counselors can help you develop strategies to succeed in college as well as help you learn how to access college resources and understand college policies/procedures.

Attending orientation is essential for all degree seeking students and mandatory if you will be registering for more than five credits. At orientation, you will gain essential information about educational options, selecting courses, college services, and policies/procedures.  If you are not a returning IHCC student, please contact Admissions for more information.  Otherwise, returning students can access an online review of orientation.

If all this college jargon has your head swimming, visit this quick link!

INTS 1000, On Course:
INTS 1000 introduces proven strategies to help students create greater success in college and in life. The course provides an interactive environment for students to identify their motivation and opportunities for personal growth, engage in academic and career decision making, and explore and utilize campus resources and services. Strongly recommended for all new degree-seeking students.

INTS 1101, College Success Strategies:
INTS 1101
is a two credit course designed to help you reach their educational goals. Topics include academic goal setting, testing strategies, time management skills, learning styles, and selecting courses.  Presently, the course focuses on helping students become good online learners!